Sliding table saw F25

You can’t go wrong when you count on quality. We are talking about things like equipping your first workshop with original saws made by Altendorf. Or adding a compact second machine to it. As you know, industrial production boils down to high unit numbers and the highest level of productivity – the F 25 is your dependable partner for all jobs.

Reliability in the closest of quarters

An overview of the optional extras offered by the F 25.


Our basic scorer always produces chip-free edges during sawing operations. LED illumination in the danger zone of the scorer unit enhances the safety of work with the scorer.

Motor rating

4.0 kW (5.5 HP)
5.5 kW (7.5 HP) with two speeds

Rip fence

With precise adjustment, cutting width 1,410 mm
With DIGIT X, cutting width 1,000 mm
With DIGIT X, cutting width 1,410 mm

Crosscut mitre fence

Stops to 3,450 mm

The Altendorf F 25

The Altendorf F 25 does everything a sliding table saw needs to do in very little space. And it delivers Altendorf’s uncompromising quality in the process. Materials such as wood-board materials, solid wood, wood-like materials or extruded profiles can be easily processed thanks to the best precision, simple handling and excellent cutting quality. The saw unit can be tilted on one side to facilitate angular cutting.

The smooth-running sliding table is based on the Altendorf system and, like the digital height and tilt display, is part of the standard design.

- Max. cutting length 3,800 mm
- Max. cutting height 104 mm
- Max. cutting width 1,410 mm



Basic configuration

- Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment (0 – 46°) for the main saw blade with automatic cutting height correction when the saw blade is tilted
- Rip fence, manual adjustment using graduated scale, includes fine adjustment, cutting width 1,000 mm
- Eye-level control unit, swivelling
- Crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle, manual adjustment using graduated scale up to 3,200 mm
- AKE tool clamping system for the main saw blade
- Motor rating 5.5 kW (7.5 HP), three speeds (3,000/4,000/5,000 rpm), manual adjustment
- Sliding table, table length 3,200 mm
- Maximum saw blade diameter 315 mm
- Working height 88 cm