Sliding table saws WA 8X

The WA 80 enables you to successfully take on any material challenge: no matter whether you are working with wood or plastic. With its well thought-out design and robust build quality, it makes light work of simple but precise squaring cuts through complex angles. Completely developed and assembled in Germany, the machine sets a new benchmark for sliding table saws in terms of price and quality. It will guarantee the success of your business.

This is what makes the WA 8 X so special

An overview of the key features.

Control panel on the machine frame

You can control the height and tilt adjustment of the main saw blade at the press of a button. The tilt angle is shown on the digital display.

Rip fence with precise manual adjustment

Setting the fence is easy; the precise adjustment facilitates great accuracy. The rip fence drops down clear of the machine table level to free up extra space for dividing large panels.

Crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle

Stops to 3,200 mm

The crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle earns its keep every day by helping with precision cuts on workpieces of different lengths and formats. The fence can be easily slid from front to back without lifting. Adjustment using graduated scale.

Sliding table

Table length 3,000 mm

The large dumbbell rollers guide the moving table with absolute precision between the hard-chromed guide bars. Robust though it is, the table responds even to a light touch, gliding smoothly and securely as if it were on rails. And it retains this ease of movement even after decades of hard work, dust and dirt.

Sliding table saw Altendorf WA 8X

Uncompromisingly strong, precise and reliable. The WA 80 stands for unique stability and the highest level of production safety. These qualities make the WA 80 the ideal partner for your successful projects.

- Max. cutting length 4,300 mm
- Max. cutting height 150 mm
- Max. cutting width 1,300 mm

The WA 8X – as multifaceted as your projects



Basic configuration

- Motorised lift and tilt 0 - 46° of the unit on the base disc and automatic correction when cutting at an incline with electronic tilt and height readout
- Control panel above the machine at eye level
- Sliding table length 3200 mm
- Longitudinal liner, cutting width 1300 mm - CNC (motorised)
- Transverse ruler with fixed angle 90, manual adjustment of cutting length up to 3200 mm
- Projection of the main disc in height - max. 125 mm at 400 mm main disc diameter
- Main motor power and rotation speed 5.5 kW (7.5 HP) speed (3/4/5,000 rpm)
- AKE system for clamping the main disc
- Working height 88 cm
- Trimmer unit with motorised two-axis adjustment
- Duplex cross-linear angle cutting system