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Windows production made ​​simple!

To create standard and special windows

starting with predefined parametric models.


With Masterwindow you can configure the parameters of all the elements that make a window:

- facing and finger jointing of logs, stile and rails
- dowel and tenon jointing
- internal and external profiling of frame components and of wings components
- sizing of wings
- internal and external profiling of stiles and rails.

Like all software offered by Masterwood, we have paid particular attention to the program ease of use, mostly emphasizing graphics capabilities offered by Windows.

Masterwindow is extremely easy to use: the user is guided through all stages of design , from the shape choice to decomposition of the arcs in logs.


Different kinds of feasible windows

During the design phase, once chosen the shape and configuration to use you simply have to insert the size of the frame to get quickly to the complete definition of the frame.

- round arch
- longitudinal arch
- irregular arch (through given points)
- gothic arch
- three centered arch
- fun light
- circular port hole
- elliptical port hole



Different kinds of machining

Una volta selezionato il tipo di serramento da produrre, MasterWindow genera la lista di taglio dei grezzi, tronchetti compresi, esegue la stampa della lista dei vetri e genera automaticamente i programmi di lavorazione dei pezzi in macchina.

Once you select the type of window to be produced, MasterWindow produces a cutting list, logs included, prints the list of glasses and automatically generates the programs to machine every single part.