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Edgebanding machine F 5

More premium is not possible.

Anyone who sets high standards cannot make any compromises. The Hebrock F 5 reliably produces perfect edges – from material cuts to touch-up work. The best features for the best woodworking.

Complete edges on the tiniest amount of space

An overview of the key features of the F 5.

Units selectable via screen control.

Integrated buffer unit to polish edges.

Radius profile scraper to smooth edge material.

Multi-radius profile scraper

The Hebrock F 5

If it’s maximum performance you want, the Hebrock F 5 is the solution for edgebanding in demanding workshop operations. The F 5 guarantees edge finishing in all stages and directions, as it is fitted with all the components you need for your requirements: Pre-milling aggregate, trim saw, top/bottom trimming, radius profile scraper, corner rounding unit, surface scraper, buffer unit. For even more flexibility on the way to the perfect finish, the F 5 can also be optionally fitted with a practical multi-radius profile scraper.

- Max. edge thickness: 3 mm
- Max. workpiece thickness: 50 mm
- Min. workpiece length: 160 mm

The F 5 - as versatile as your projects.



Basic configuration

Pre-milling aggregate

Corner rounding

Trim saw

Milling unit

Further equipment:

- PLC control with 10” touchscreen
- Top-side fast-heating glue pot (maintenance-free)
- Support plate for edge material
- Automatic central lubrication (trim saw, corner rounding unit)
- Visual display for workpiece sequence
- Workpiece support (folds out to front)
- Pot interchange mount incl. adhesive interchanger for PUR processing
- Surface scraper with dual-tracing
- Pneumatic roll cutting station (shears-type design, Hebrock system)
- Double roller top pressure (ball bearing)
- Conveyor chain with permanently attached special links
- Radius scraper
- Buffer unit