Аспирационна стена veneta impianti SPRAYCAB 3000 Z

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Spraying wall SPRAYCAB 3000 Z

SPRAYCAB is a spray booth with built-in fan

Standard and ATEX22


Suction and filtration of suspended paint dust.

The fan operating in clean air creates a vacuum inside the booth generating a flow of air from the operator to the suction front that removes dust.

Dusty air is filtered in a first stage of filtration with paper filters that absorb paint pigments having larger particle size a second stage with fiberglass cells that retain finer dusts

Made of modular galvanized panels.
Consists of an upper module with fan
a central module with filtration system
Adjustable fan placed on the roof of the cabin

Spraying wall SPRAYCAB 3000 Z


Technical details
Max Nominal Air Flow Rate12000 m³/h
Power3 kW (4 HP)
Power Supply50 Hz 230/400 V
Noise Level73 dB(A)
Type Of FiltersPaper filter Andreae
Type Of MaterialFine dust
Cleaning SystemManual
Air Outlet MmØ 500